I first went  to Zuccotti park on day three of the occupation.   I biked over mid-morning and there were maybe 200 people present who had camped out from the night before. Their purpose was unclear, but their determination was apparent and their presence raised the question: Why is there not a bigger movement taking place across the United States?

Soon the movement was growing, and as it grew- it began to encompass more issues, drawing attention to more and more of the countries problems.   As I spoke to people involved I realized that any one person’s opinion on these issues may clash completely with the next.  I realized that OWS was serving as a platform for many, a podium for anyone and everyone to voice their frustrations with the government.

There is no telling how this movement will grow and what change it will inspire- to document it seems almost to do it a disservice, to attempt to turn it into something static, to try to contain it.

I decided to  film what I saw and not focus on any one person’s agenda, to put politics aside and try to capture the energy of the spectacle that has inspired so many.   To show the frustrations, the anger, joy, excitement, knowledge; unity that I saw on people’s faces, emotions that we all share even if our opinions ultimately differ.



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