The blog is about special stories, people, loose ideas and concepts we wish to share, as part of our journey.


Faces of The Ripple Project

  • Herd Immunity
    When COVID took hold of our lives confusion reigned supreme. Uncertainty became the norm and fear the standard. COVID was categorized as a “war” against an “invisible enemy.” We were told that in order to “stay safe,” we must follow simple hygiene guidelines and keep a distance from fellow human beings. The message is clear: [&hellip
  • Memory of (be)Longing
    A few nights ago, on what seems like another meal, in another day, in a life that loops rather than move in a straight line, I looked at my wife and kids and thought: What would be the memory of these days of forced isolation? What type of memory would I, Sarit and the kids [&hellip
  • Saved by a joke
    A life close to a sorrowful end, marches on with laughter. “Why am I here?” “What is my value?” These banal questions are just a sample of a daily brain storm during my personal COVID middle-class existential crisis. At this point my family and I are the lucky ones; not hungry, ill, or in dire-straights. [&hellip
  • Itzhak. A Soliloquy.
    I know this post is a few days after Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), but it’s not too late. Through my filmic journey with The Ripple Project, I’ve met extraordinary people with ever more remarkable stories. Many sad, heartbreaking, but always strangely uplifting and motivating: “if they can survive the holocaust, I can survive anything.” [&hellip
  • “The Show Will Go On” Starring Ela Weissberger
    It’s hard to describe what it felt like walking into Ela’s house that sweltering summer of 2010. Accompanied by a motley documentary film crew, we were still in the early stages of researching the Terezín concentration camp and had little knowledge of the children’s opera Brundibar. My intern found Ela on a google search and [&hellip
  • A Lesson in Civility: Courtesy of Frederick Terna
    Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to an art opening of one of the most talented, absurdly under-recognized, smartest and kindest person I know, Fred Terna (Recent BOMB article on Fred). On it’s own, this is already an exciting enough event. The fact that Fred’s important, and rarely seen in public, work [&hellip
  • Floating with Walter
    In memory of Walter Schaffir 1921-2016,   The Ripple Project has been, to put it mildly, a war of attrition on my soul. During my 5 years with the project I have seen with my eyes, heard with my ears and felt in my chest the pain and loss so many have suffered. Yet, I did not [&hellip
  • Herman Taube (1918-2014)
    I know I’m writing this entry a year too late, but last Saturday I had great screening of one of our Ripple films so I’ve decided to thank a man I owe much of it to… “You die twice, once when you pass away and once when you are forgotten.” Deceivingly simple words, which had a [&hellip