“A person who is forgotten dies twice, once when they pass away and once when they are forgotten.”
Herman Taube, Poet and Holocaust Survivor

The Ripple Project captures and shares the stories that connect us all. Founded on the power of storytelling and anchored by originally produced films, The Ripple Project endeavors to be the first social media production company to connect people from around the world with the real stories of ordinary individuals, families and communities living in the ripple effect of extraordinary events, momentous discoveries and remarkable shifts.

Built around nine converging ripples that are thematic to the human experience, Earth, Life, Society, Religion, War, Health, Discovery, Regions and Creativity; The Ripple Project will present the experiences of lives once marginalized, lost or forgotten by preserving them within multimedia films and an online library and interactive stage of video, words, pictures and audio.

The Ripple Project will advance the best today’s media has to offer as a gateway to engaging entertainment and as a forum for discovery, education, participation, interpersonal connection and social conscience. Each powerful and important Ripple Story will become more relevant and meaningful as viewers witness and explore converging ripples of similar or seemingly disparate stories across the ocean of human experience.