Institutional Affiliations

  • Terezín Memorial, Terezín (
    The key mission of the Terezin Memorial, the only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic, is to commemorate the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of the Czech lands in World War II, to promote museum, research and educational activities, and look after the memorial sites connected with the suffering and death of dozens of thousands of victims of violence.
  • Jewish Museum in Prague (
  • Municipality of Terezín (
  • European Shoah Legacy Institute Terezín (
  • Federation of Jewish Communities in Czech Republic (
  • Terezín Initiative (
  • Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association, Beit Terezín (
  • World Holocaust Forum (
    The World Holocaust Forum Foundation is an international organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and its important lessons for all of humanity.
  • Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), Channel 1 (
  • Yad Vashem (
    Established in 1953, as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of intergenerational and international encounter.
  • The Berenbaum Group (
    The Berenbaum Group is a consulting company that specializes in the conceptual design of museums and the development of historical films, specifically those relating to the Jewish experience and histories of persecution and genocide. Headed by Dr. Michael Berenbaum, a leading expert on the Holocaust, the Berenbaum Group is also currently involved in scholarly research, the production of interactive materials, and strategic advising of project and institutional development.


  • Clinics Rising (
    Clinics Rising uses a combination of traditional media, broadcast/film, audio and photojournalism to tell compelling and often untold stories in the fight for world wide health care.
  • Czech Center (
    The mission of the BNH and Czech Center New York is the promotion of Czech culture and traditions as well as the building of a cultural and social dialog between the Czech and American public.
  • SURF Survivors Fund (
    Since 1997, the SURF Survivors Fund has helped survivors of the Rwandan genocide deal with and recover from the tragedies of 1994, supporting a wide range of services for victims in Rwanda, and assisting survivors in the UK. Funded by a variety of organizations and individuals, SURF acts as a channel to distribute financial assistance to groups, individuals and charitable organizations in the day-to-day operations of bringing the people of Rwanda hope, safety, and a decent standard of living.
  • Genocide Watch (
    Genocide Watch exists to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder. It seeks to raise awareness and influence public policy concerning potential and actual genocide.
  • Sammy Ofer School of Communications, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya (
    WITNESS empowers people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change using video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.
  • Foundation Rwanda (
    Foundation Rwanda’s mission is to provide funding for secondary school education for children born from rape during the 1994 genocide in addition to linking their mothers to existing psychological and medical support services and income generating activities. Overall, Foundation Rwanda seeks to foster awareness about the consequences of genocide and sexual violence through photography and new media.
  • Leo Baeck Institute (
    The Leo Baeck Institute is devoted to studying the history of German-speaking Jewry from its origins to its tragic destruction by the Nazis and to preserving its culture.