With all due respect to the efforts and accomplishments of previous and ongoing “stand alone” programs that address Shoah education and the Jewish experience — including Brundibár based theatre arts programs, community group stagings, cultural heritage travel programs and documentary films — Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will create a new paradigm and standard for teaching and sharing the story and lessons of the Shoah, as well as providing a broader understanding of the multigenerational effects of genocide throughout the world. The project’s point of difference can be summed up in the following ways:

  • The overall project will consist of three educational elements that support each other to create educational opportunities that reach beyond their traditional territories and confines to “cross pollinate” the story and message
  • The project will reach new generations where they live — within their communities and through the internet — with a common language they can relate to and share with others
  • The project will call upon, incorporate and promote other organizations efforts and works within an inclusive and cooperative “hub” for Shoah education and Brundibár focused programs
  • The project will move beyond a “preaching to the choir” approach to create an experience that shares the story and lesson of the Shoah and other genocide victims within an multigenerational, accessible and inclusive forum of education, culture and creativity and dialogue
  • The project will be given credibility by its established and growing affiliations and partnerships with established and respected individuals, organizations, institutions and museums
  • The project will feature accomplished personalities in the fields of film, theatre, art, music and education that will attract broad audiences by calling upon their cultural status and notoriety