Educational Summer Theatre Arts Program serves:

  • Individual participants — as a forum of experiential education, creativity and personal identity
  • Participating “mentors” — as an opportunity to influence and educate the participants
  • The Municipality of Terezín — as a transformational cultural and community revitalization opportunity
  • Yad Vasheem — as multicultural outreach of the Jewish experience, culture and Holocaust education that safeguards of the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations
  • New York University in Prague — as an internship program for international study abroad students

The Documentary Feature Film serves:

  • General public — as an inspirational and educational story
  • As a source of pride in heritage and culture
  • As in introduction to a broader understanding of the Shoah and genocide beyond fact and figures
  • As a gateway to further Shoah, cultural heritage and creative studies
  • As a means to becoming active in the fight against ignorance, intolerance and Holocaust denial
  • As a means to connect with educational institutions, communities, museums and survivors
  • Educational institutions — as an entertaining and engaging gateway to teaching the Shoah as a living and evolving story and as a relevant and powerful tool for fighting intolerance, hate and Holocaust denial
  • Program mentors — as a platform form which to illustrate their commitment to sharing their professional and personal experience whilst helping the world fight intolerance, hate and Holocaust denial

The Interactive Educational Website serves:

  • Individuals — as a gateway to, and interactive forum for, Shoah studies including:
    • Films, photos, stories and other educational materials
    • A conduit to educational institutions, non government organizations and museums
    • A connecting point to other individuals interested in, or having experienced the generational effects of genocide and the fight to prevent genocide
  • Families of Shoah survivors and victims of genocide — as an open forum of cultural heritage, creativity and personal responsibility
  • Community Programs — as an educational tool for presenting the story and lessons of the Shoah within an accessible, relevant and meaningful forum of interactivity, connection and action
  • Non Government Organizations — as a means to create awareness and build a broader audience to present their offering and/or services
  • Educational Institutions —
    • General: Student and faculty exposure to Brundibár: Beyond Imagination educational programs, archival materials and community
    • Partner Institutions: as a means to create awareness and present their offerings
  • Museums — as a means to create awareness and present their offering including: archives, collections, exhibitions and programs

-Documentary Film Distribution

The Brundibár: Beyond Imagination documentary film is intended to be shown within key festivals to secure a general theatrical release. After a domestic and international theatre run, the film will be ready for broadcast within domestic and international markets as exampled by Channel 1 (IBA) Israel – a broadcaster that has already been secured. Beyond broadcast, the film will be set up for DVD and Video on Demand (VOD) sales through the supporting Brundibár: Beyond Imagination website and outlets like iTunes and Netflix. Beyond the film’s theatrical run it will be made available to educational institutions, government agencies and NGO’s for exhibition rental and/or broadcast on DVD or VOD.

Festival Examples: Politics on Film, Savannah, Strasbourg International, Jewish Film Festival of New York, and World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival etc.

Secured Broadcast Partners

  • Channel 1 (IBA), Israel
  • Ceska Televize, Czech Republic