The Ripple Project site will be built upon an established social media network foundation that integrates and leverages technology, telecommunications and social interaction through the online sharing of information via an assemblage of video, words, pictures and audio. To do so, The Ripple Project will engage storytellers, filmmakers, media leaders, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, aid workers and the general public to build value and shared meaning within a forum of entertainment, education and social connection developed through a combination of alliances, partnerships, marketing and public relations outreach.

The Ripple Project website is at its early stages now and will grow as we gather more content. The Ripple Project is looking for young and talented web developer willing to join this exciting project.

Tell us your story; Unsolicited, professionally produced films and media submitted by emerging and acclaimed creatives from around the world. Submissions selected by our curation staff will be prominently featured as Ripple Entertainment within the site and promoted by our marketing and public relations efforts.

Opportunities include; partnering with innovative and progressive broadcasters to generate meaningful entertainment; creating affiliated marketing opportunities with complementary Web to drive commerce for books, photos and video; offering advertising and branded content working to improve their image through associations with socially and environmentally relevant and vetted content.
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