“Generations Apart” is the 6th episode of The Ripple Project: ONE series.

A grandmother’s story inspires countless strangers, but she struggles to share it with her own family.

Ela Stein Weissberger was 11-years-old when she landed the key role as “the cat” in the children’s opera, Brundibar, performed by and for Jewish prisoners in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Ela is the only performer alive today who acted in all 55 performances, and she continues to devote her life to telling the story of Theresienstadt throughout the United States and Europe. Generations Apart juxtaposes the lives of Ela’s granddaughters in Florida who are unaware of their grandmother’s role in the opera and the lengths to which she has gone to preserve the stories of those who did not survive.

Here is an early interview we conducted with Ela in her house

As Ela prepares for a lecture at a Brundibar performance in Kansas, she wrestles with inviting her granddaughters to attend. Highlighting the natural human desire to share our pain and triumph with loved ones, Generations Apart is a glimpse into the simple complications which entangle a woman’s public life and family legacy.

Project Status: In early stages of pre-production

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