I know this post is a few days after Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), but it’s not too late.

Itzhak Ginzburg, VHS video. Maryland USA, 1995

Through my filmic journey with The Ripple Project, I’ve met extraordinary people with ever more remarkable stories. Many sad, heartbreaking, but always strangely uplifting and motivating: “if they can survive the holocaust, I can survive anything.” I selfishly think to myself, after most interviews I conduct. I don’t really know if this a defense mechanism to justify my need/want/effort to chase these stories or that true-to-life survival tales are therapeutic. Just as a surgeon has a clinical appreciation and respect for the functionality of the human body, without getting distracted by sight of blood or organs. A therapist can listen to hours of traumatic stories of patients all the while staying calm and helpful…

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