Like a stone dropped into a pond, the Shoah created ripples. Radiating outward through the lives of individuals and communities, each one contains a story that continues to impact our lives. The Ripple Project: One is a feature documentary film about the lives of five ordinary people living the ripple effect of extraordinary circumstances.

The film will introduce the audiences to a sharp-minded poet in Maryland who has dedicated his life to recording the stories of fellow Shoah survivors; a grandfatherly painter in Brooklyn whose art provided a means of expressing, processing and sharing experiences beyond words; A daughter discovers synchronicity between her scientific career and her father’s method of coping with his traumatic past; a New York-based clandestine Holocaust art scholar and modern artist paints a portrait of a lost friend; a lauded creative director in advertising tries to decipher the clues of a holocaust related trauma not just from another time but from another past.

While putting a human face on familiar, yet unfathomable, statistics, this character-driven narrative documentary highlights the multigenerational, psychological and cultural effect of genocide by giving audiences glimpses into the lives of survivors and their families living in communities much like our own in the United States, Europe and Israel.  Each of the characters profiled conveys the responsibility of survivors and younger generations to pass on the lessons and experiences of the Shoah. Although the film is very much connected as present-day acts of historical remembrance, these are  basic human tales of the inheritance of creativity and the drive to share and preserve one’s own legacy and family story.

Three of the five stories are completed, we are in the midst of producing the following two.

To read about individual stories follow the links below:

Isaac: The Binding of Isaac

Fred: Shared Memory

Daniela: Reconsolidation

David: The Star of David

Marc: A Mirror