Portraits in Motion

Ripple Series Vignettes speaks to the universality of everyday, human experience and the power of personal narrative to convey the gamut of life’s triumphs and tragedies. This multi-topic, web-based series of five to ten minute shorts explores lives of individuals enmeshed in world events.

In an effort to diversify and expand the thematic content of The Ripple Project as a whole, Ripple Series Vignettes aims to contextualize far-reaching and powerful issues through a window of the familiar, day-to-day interactions of real people. Vignettes endeavors to familiarize the unfamiliar and connect people from around the world with the salient stories of ordinary individuals, families and communities living in the shadow of extraordinary events whose rippling effects forge a web of common humanity.


Benjamin Graham-Brighton Beach

Paul Angell, Palinfield,VT

What is Missing

A Day at Zuccotti Park

Miriam Friedman Morris

May Day

Halloween, Lower Manhattan 2012

Daniel Terna, Brooklyn NY