Part of the film: The Ripple Project: ONE

David Bradley, series one, the ripple project, episode 4

“…turns out my teacher at the Kabbalah Center was in Germany during the war. I’ve been told I was too. have I shared that with you? I was in the resistance. A boy. Used to deliver food. May have been before my bar mitzvah. Wouldn’t be surprised if my teachers and I died in the camps.” – David Bradley

This is David Bradley, a lauded creative director in advertising, a contemporary Brooklyn father, a survivor in the rigor of modern New York life, but David is also a detective. An observation made by a respected teacher has turned David on a pursuit of his indirect past, looking for a former life that is spiritually connected to the one he’s living in now. The film follows David as he tries to decipher the clues of a trauma not just from another time but from another past.

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