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Brundibár – Results and Effects

Brundibár: Beyond Imagination represents a vital link to the past and a blueprint for the future. We believe the Summer Theatre Arts Program, film and website will be inspirational, entertaining, and accessible educational tools that advance and celebrate imagination, artistry, collaboration and the strength of human spirit while promoting a worldwide message of understanding and tolerance in the continued fight against genocide and the growing voice of Holocaust denial. In creating this project we will respectfully transform the municipality of Terezín by giving future generations a forum and opportunity to bring the lives and lessons of the Shoah to those living in its shadow.

Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will exemplify the project founder’s belief in treating critical subjects as living, evolving and relevant stories, rather than the staid perspective of historical documentation and education. Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will be presented within an experiential forum of remarkable and heart-rending multigenerational and multiethnic experience to expose common threads of the human condition that reach out from the Jewish experience and speak to an international audience to ensure the lives and lessons of those who suffered the experience of the Shoah will not fade away.

Brundibár – Type of Project

Brundibár: Beyond Imagination aims to create a new paradigm and standard for teaching and sharing the story and lessons of the Shoah, as well as provide a broader understanding of the multigenerational effects of genocide throughout the world. The project’s three overlapping initiatives are as follows:

Educational Summer Theatre Arts Program

The mission of the educational theatre arts program is to offer an experiential educational curriculum that explores Jewish culture and the experience/lessons of the Shoah and genocide through a three week program of lectures, exercises, interaction, discussion and action that speak to heritage, history, creativity and a proactive approach to social justice. 20-30 adolescents whom have experienced the second, and third generational effects of genocide and hailing from Israel, the United States, Rwanda and the Czech Republic.

Documentary Feature Film

We believe the best way to tell a story, and to change the future is through the voices, actions and revelations of children documented and presented on film. The documentary films Spellbound, Born into Brothels and Boys of Baraka illustrate prime examples of this success. The success of these films engaging storytelling through the eyes and stories of children has proven to be a powerful tool that speaks to the hearts and minds of a wide and varied audience. It is though these examples we believe Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will create a new paradigm that combines the personal relevance of educational and cause-focused children’s programs with socially relevant entertainment.

Interactive Educational Website

The ultimate goal of the Brundibár: Beyond Imagination website is to create a marketing and educational tool to support the Summer Theatre Arts Program and documentary film to promote understanding and practiced tolerance throughout the world while fighting the rising voice of Holocaust denial. Website content will offer users a link to lessons and experiences of lives once marginalized, lost or forgotten as well as those just emerging by presenting them within an online library and interactive stage of video, words, pictures and audio.

Brundibár – Synopsis

Over a three week period in July of 2011, 20-30 children from around the world will be invited to participate in a Summer Theatre Arts Program that will carry them through the grounds of Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem museum to the former ghetto of Theresienstadt in the Czech Republic. This group of adolescents — descendants of Theresienstadt’s child survivors paired with second-generation survivors of genocide from Africa — will participate in a program modeled after Theresienstadt’s fabled mentors such as Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, Alice Hertz Sommër, Rudy Freudenfeld and Freddy Hirsh. The program will offer workshops, rehearsals and projects led by world accomplished mentors from the fields of writing, art and theatre as well as survivors themselves to culminate with an original interpretation of the children’s opera, Brundibár, to celebrate a victory of culture and art that was targeted for annihilation over 70 years ago. The project’s documentary feature film will capture the pressures, relationships and personalities that emerge as this group of children consider their unique personal histories and discover their talents within the Brundibár production. While the Summer Theatre Arts Program, as a forum of discovery, creativity and interpersonal connection, is to be conceived and created for the benefit of the child participants, specifically, the resulting Brundibár: Beyond Imagination documentary feature film and website will reach out to a broad, multigenerational audience throughout the world to share a relevant and meaningful message of understanding, responsibility and tolerance for generations to come.

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